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The Mental Health of Serial Killer - Free Essay Example

Another common symptom of schizophrenia is paranoia. Paranoia is a symptom of self-centering interpretation of the subjects judgment where the real intention is hidden. Often times, people who experience insomnia also experience paranoia. Also, paranoid Schizophrenia is more often seen in men than in women. In act 1 scene 7 through line 1 to 7, If it were done when tis done, then twere well. It were done quickly. If the assassination could trammel up the consequence, and catch with his surcease success; that but this blow might be the be-all and the end-all here, but here, upon this bank and shoal of time, wed jump the life to come(1.7.1-7), Macbeth seemed pretty calm and okay. He contemplated about killing Duncan but he acknowledged that he can not keep the plan of murdering since the King just privileged him and it was the wrong thing to do to the person that everyone admired. Also, he showed that he would rather enjoy the honors and good opinions he got from people than murdering him by telling Lady Macbeth. There was not any signs of paranoia. However, right after he killed Duncan, which was his first murder, paranoia set in for him. From Act 2 scene 2, we could tell that he was hearing voices because of the fear and guilt he had. Soon after this, his attitude began to change. Act 3 scene 1, Our fears in Banquo stick deep, and in his royalty of nature reigns that which would be feared. Tis much he dares, and to that dauntless temper of his mind. He hath a wisdom that doth guide his valor to act in safety. There is none but he whose being I do fear, and under him my genius is rebuked, as it is said Mark Antonys was by Caesar(3.1.49-58), explains that Macbeth started considering Banquo who was a close friend to him as a competitor, and he thought that Banquo was threatening him. He started feeling that everyone around him will kill him or want revenge for his sins. Eventually, Macbeth decided to murder him by hiring assassins for the murder. Paranoia that Macbeth had kept getting worse as the time went by, and after all, Mac beth began to trust the words of the witches. When someone is talking about the symptoms of schizophrenia, hallucinations can not be excluded. Hallucinations are the experiences that are not knowable to others. It can be exist in most of senses, but the mild symptom of hallucinations is sway and the most usual hallucination is hearing voices. One may see motion in a peripheral illusion, or may hear faint noises or voices. If one is experiencing hallucinations, one may feel them as real, and vivid, however the fact is that those visions and sounds are actually not real. About 70% of people suffering from schizophrenia deal with hallucinations(Smith, Kathleen). In Macbeth, Macbeth saw many hallucinations which proved that he had schizophrenia. Later Banquo, Fleance and the servant exited the room after a short conversation with Macbeth when Macbeth saw a dagger in the air. He saw this as a clear sign that he was supposed to murder Duncan. Also, Macbeth heard the voices saying Sleep no more! after the murder at night(2.2.35-42). From the act 3 scene 4, Macbeth even saw the ghost of Banquo because of the anxiety he had from hiring someone to murder Banquo, and it led him to have a hard time with hiding his guilt. Especially in act 4, Macbeth experienced the hallucination of meeting witches. The first apparition he saw was, an armed head and he heard the head saying beware of Macduff(4.1.71). The second apparition was a child covered with blood, and the child said, Be bloody, bold, and resolute. Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth(4.1.81) to him. The third apparition was a child wearing crown on his head and holding tree in his hand. Macbeth heard, Be lion-mettled, proud, and take no care who chafes, who frets, or where conspireres are. Macbeth shall never be vanquished until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him(4.1.94-98) said the third apparition. The last vision he saw in the act 4 was a show that showing eight kings walking across the stage following the lead of Banquo. After all of the visions he saw, Macbeth was very freaked out. He yelled towards the visions, and shoutout go away. He believed the visions were real, and t he witches had vanished after the incident he experienced which proves that Macbeth was suffering schizophrenia.

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The Unconscious Mind Sigmund Freud - 564 Words

Freud’s view of the unconscious is that we may have thoughts that could affect our behavior without us realizing it. The unconscious mind stores urge that our mind cannot process immediately because the information could be too devastating or too much to process that we have to keep out of our focus. Zizek refers to this region as storing the unknown-known - the things we dont know that we know. Societal regulations force us to repress certain aspects of ourselves, and the unconscious serves as the storehouse for this collection. Many of our inner urges are too disturbing for the conscious mind (and society at large) to cope with immediately. Therefore, we sublimate these secrets into a region we cannot face directly (Faulkner J. 2005). Now there are times that unconscious may appear such as dreams or when we accidently say something which is known as the Freudian slip. Jung believed that the unconscious appears to be more in a dreamlike state where you dream that you are an animal, elder person or a child-like person and so on. Jung focuses more on the spiritual side, where Freud focuses on the physical side. Jung believed that there are seven characters that everyone experiences through dreams that are the realm to the unconscious which are persona, anima, shadow, wise elder, divine child, trickster, and great mother ( Dream Dictionary 2011). I thought it was really fascinating that Jung thought we were actually someone or something that resembles ourShow MoreRelatedSigmund Freud And Freud s Theory Of The Unconscious Mind Essay816 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscussed Anna O’s case with Sigmund Freud and Freud later perfected this â€Å"talking cure.† Also known as sweeping the chimney or sweeping the mind. Sigmund Freud’s theory of the unconscious mind claimed that people experience hysteria or other reactions in response to repressed experiences. â€Å"The unconscious contains all those drives, urges, or instincts that are beyond our awareness but that nevertheless motivate most of our words, feelings, and actions (Feist Feist, 2008).† Freud and his theory are responsibleRead MoreSigmund Freud s Theory Of The Conscious And Unconscious Mind989 Words   |  4 Pageslive a healthy life. These theories include: Sigmund Freud’s theory of the Conscious and Unconscious Mind, The Buddhist Eight Fold Path and Carl Jungs theory of archetypes. Sigmund Freud believed that behavior and personality comes from the constant and rare interaction of conflicting psychological forces that happen at three different levels of awareness, which include: the preconscious, the conscious, and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind, includes everything that we are aware of inRead MoreSigmund Freud s View Of Dreams And The Unconscious Mind1677 Words   |  7 PagesSigmund Freud remains a well-known psychoanalyst. Freud dedicated his life to studying the hidden motives behind human behavior, as shown through his analyses of dreams and the unconscious mind. Freud also discovered that humans use defense mechanisms such as repression to keep the ideas of the unconscious mind from surfacing. While Freud made lasting impressions in the realm of psychology and psychoanalysis, critics find his analysis in the Dora case to be one-sided, disregarding Dora’s own interpretationRead MoreSigmund Freud s Theories About Psychoanalysis And The U nconscious Mind1003 Words   |  5 PagesNatasia Camfield Fort Madison High School Psychology, 5th Block Sigmund Freud s Theories about Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious Mind Sigmund Freud was well known for his theories on psychoanalysis, and it was used to help understand the unconscious mind better. In Freud s lifetime, he grew to be a very influential person of the twentieth century. The western society still uses words that he introduced in his time, some are libido, repression, denial, and neurotic. He was the founding father ofRead MoreSigmund Freud s Theory Of Psychoanalysis1339 Words   |  6 PagesSigmund Freud Biographic Description of Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856 in Freiberg (currently known as Czech Republic). Freud is best known as the founder of psychoanalysis, which entails a scientific analysis of unpacking unconscious conflicts based on free associations, fantasies, and dreams of the patient. He was among the greatest psychologists of the 20th century, and his legacy lasts up to now. While young (4 years old), his family relocated to Vienna where he lived andRead MoreMoore 1. Kristen Moore. Mrs. Kristy French. English Iii1443 Words   |  6 Pagescentury psychologist named Sigmund Freud. Freud published a myriad of theories regarding the human mind and its inner workings, which have since fallen from practice. A great majority of his theories have been disproven and rendered useless, though his name is one that is immediately recognized upon mention and he is one of the first figures that psychology majors study. If Freud has fallen from practice, however, why are his theories still studied at all? Although Sigmund Freud’s practices and theoriesRead MoreSigmund Freud And Humanistic Theories Of Psychology1636 Words   |  7 Pagespsychodynamic theory from Sigmund Freud and the humanistic theory from Carl Rogers. These two theorists have different views of how personality is developed, with both theorists influencing the world of psychological personality to this day. Disputes between both theorists exist with both of them having complete different views on personality and how personality influences a person. The main issues of this paper are going to be about the basic theory and research methods that Freud and Rogers used in theirRead MoreEssay about Sigmund Frueds Psychology1339 Words   |  6 PagesSigmund Freud was born in 1856 in Frieber, Moravia; his father was a wool merchant and his mother was twenty years younger than his father. Freud had two step brothers which were around the same age as his mother; one stepbrother had a son who became Freud’s playmate growing up (Sigmund). Around the age of four, Freud and his family moved to Vienna where he stayed for a majority of his life. (Boeree) When Freud’s family moved to Vienna, they lived in an area that was highly populated with JewsRead MoreEssay on Sigmund Freud: The Father of Psychoanalysis1580 Words   |  7 Pages Sigmund Freud, also known as the father of psychoanalysis, was born May 6th of 1856 in Freiberg, Moravia. A few years later he moved to Vienna, Austria and years after to England. Sigmund Freud was known for connecting psychological issues with sexual issues. Freud demonstrated a broad perspective on things involving dreams, religion, and cultural artifacts. He focused on different states of the mind, such as unconsciousness. Freud relied on a local sexual repression issue to create theoriesRead MoreCarl Jung and Sigmund Freud1412 Words   |  6 PagesCarl Jung and Sigmund Freud Introduction Carl Jung (1875-1961) and Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) were two individuals whose theories on human personality would completely affect the way that people viewed the human mind. Carl Gustav was a practicing psychotherapist while Sigmund Freud created the discipline of psychoanalysis. The two men had seemingly identical beliefs about human behavior, but also had contrasting beliefs about concepts such as the ego, the psyche, and the state of unconsciousness

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My First Collegiate Academic Goal - 1691 Words

My first collegiate academic goal is: I will earn at least an 80 percent on my first biology and statistics exams. Being that I truly love both math and science, receiving superb grades on my first exam for these two are extremely important to me because they are hand-and-hand at placing for the second hardest classes thus far in college (in my personal opinion). Achieving this enabling goal would motivate me to strive for higher grades in the near future, helping me believe that I could do much better in order to attain a great GPA, so that I could get into medical school after receiving my undergraduate degree. Practicing my study habits will construct the permanent foundation of how I progress as a college student. How will I do so? The first action step that will be made to reach this goal is to sit in the front of the classroom. I get easily distracted, so sitting in the front of the classroom, especially one with 254 students, will not only decrease the chances of me getting di stracted, but will ensure that the information has properly been withheld. Also, recording lectures to review later and rewriting notes are great methods that will definitely be beneficial to me when studying for exams. Next, if there is not enough time to meet up with the professor, I will sign up for various tutoring/office-hour sessions to review homework and basic concepts that are needed to pass the exams with a guaranteed good grade. On this journey called life, I continue to learn more andShow MoreRelatedNegative Effects of Title Ix1741 Words   |  7 Pagesgender-segregated by sport. In terms of intercollegiate athletics, Title IX essentially states that that all academic institutes of higher education are required to accommodate students with equal access to athletic participation, regardless of gender. This means that the overall number of athletic teams, scholarships, athletes, quality and quantity of athletic facilities, access to academic resources, access to physica l treatment, along with an abundance of additional goods, services and resourcesRead MoreThe Difference Between College and High School Athletics844 Words   |  4 PagesDifference between High School and College Athletics When I was applying to college I talked to the coach of the University of Central Oklahoma cheerleading squad in hopes that I could tryout for the team. I thought that another commitment in addition to my school work would help to keep me focused for the second semester. One thing that I didn’t expect is the time and energy you need to put aside to play a sport in college. In high school, playing a sport was a much easier task. College sports areRead MoreThe Position Of Associate Director Of Student Services At Richland College959 Words   |  4 Pagesinstitution portal. I believe that my education and experience would be a perfect fit for what you are looking for in the position! It was by accident that I became a student services professional. My undergraduate experiences started in the College of Business and ended in Family and Child Studies. After some self-evaluation and events out of my control, I decided Business was no longer what I wanted to do. The very moment that changed it all for me was shortly after my mother became a Court AppointedRead MoreHigh School Vs. Dual Enrollment896 Words   |  4 Pagestruly discover how they’ve grown from their learning experiences. And in the observing of your past, once can see what has made them who they are to this day. In my schooling, I have worked to the point of my first English collegiate class while still a senior in high school. It’s an achievement that will affect me for the rest of my life. And so far, this class has helped me grow and learn things that weren’t possible in previous classes. Having this class paint a picture I have never observedRead MoreEssay on The Name of the Game: Unpaid College Athletes1714 Words   |  7 PagesHowever, due to restrictions that are imposed on players by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, (NCAA), Turner could not accept a roof over his head, a meal, or a single cent, due to fear of becoming ineligible to play for accepting what the NCAA has dubbed â€Å"impermissible benefits† (Harris-Gershon 1). This is a prime example of the issues that many college athletes struggle to overcome as they are faced with academic strain, no way to earn money, and a complete loss of the rights to theirRead MoreMy Career As A Athlete1149 Words   |  5 Pagesdreamed of joining the ranks of Division 1 collegiate athletes all over the country and knew my success would be the direct result of my commitment to training.  Fast forward twenty years and the  athletic career  I have experienced has been nothing short of successful. Rowing demanded more from me than I had ever demanded of myself and taught me the power of perseverance. It instilled in me that my capabilities have no boundaries and laid the groundwork for my success in business. The sport of rowingRead MoreHow The Gents And Ladies Celebrate Senior Day Against Dallas1089 Words   |  5 Pagesagainst Dallas SHREVEPORT, La. – The Gents and Ladies will celebrate senior day against Dallas October 13, the final Friday home games for Centenary soccer in 2017. The contest against the Crusaders are also important for both teams in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Tournament picture. The Ladies (3-8-1, 2-5-1 SCAC) currently sit tied with Dallas (3-8-2, 2-5-1 SCAC) for the fourth seed as both teams have seven points. Sitting right behind, tied for sixth, is Austin College and SouthwesternRead MoreEducation Biography1433 Words   |  6 Pagesmature we realize that we must first embrace where we came from if we hope to continue to develop, to adapt, and to modify and so we recognize that our past experiences have all undoubtedly led us to here. I have been taught that every person is their own project indicating that the attainment of a goal is dependent on the unique value system of the individual. We define our own priorities. In identifying my own, I made a decision which wouldRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid? Essay1567 Words   |  7 Pagesnot be a matter of contention during the tenure at the university. The transition from academic to economic would not be an easy one because there are different levels of collegiate sports and the revenue isn’t the same across the board. Those who would argue for compensation of college athletes believe that athletes deserve to be paid for the amount of time and effort that they put into playing at the collegiate level. The NCAA is a multi-billion dollar industry that generated over $845 billion lastRead MoreCollege Essay Examples708 Words   |  3 Pageswant to start by noting that my grade in HAC is a 96.61%, which already would warrant a grade of an A for the quarter, but of course I understand the reasoning behind wanting us students to articulate an argument for ourselves. Throughout the quarter I have consistently put in effort and participated in class, working hard to get the A grade I believe I deserve. To address the first of the 6 sections, â€Å"On Time,† I have completed all my assignments on time, including my readings as well. Even though

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Susan B Anthony In The Womens Suffrage Movement - 1295 Words

Susan B. Anthony In The Women’s Suffrage Movement The crucial process of slavery was the biggest economic salvation in the United States for hundreds of years. With time, many evangelical Americans began to emphasize the struggling lives of slaves in order for them to be saved through the grace of their mighty God. In the early 1800s, the Second Great Awakening rose to power to acknowledge the slaves and their rights as children of God. During the Civil War (1861-1865), the Abolitionist Movement managed to abolish slavery through the 13th Amendment on December 6, 1865. Later, Congress ratified the 14th Amendment in 1868 that granted black people the same rights as white people in the nation. The statement, the right to vote ... to any of†¦show more content†¦In making our demand for Suffrage, we would call your attention to the fact that we represent fifteen million people—one half of the entire population of the country—intelligent, virtuous, native-born American citizens; and yet stand outside the pale of po litical recognition. The Constitution classes us as free people, and counts us whole persons in the basis of representation; and yet are we governed without our consent, compelled to pay taxes without appeal, and punished for violations of law without choice of judge or juror†¦ (Petition for Universal Suffrage, 1865).† On January 29, 1866, this was the first petition presented in Congress out of the hundreds sent. Anthony’s and many other suffragists signatures surprised Congressmen and gave them a sense of the power of the crusader’s movement in suffrage. This petition enabled society to recognize the commencement of the fight for women’s voting rights. The Revolution was a weekly women’s rights newspaper that was published by the National Woman Suffrage Association. The association was founded by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1869 to promote constitutional amendments for women’s rights. The newspaper was published between the dates January 8, 1868 and February 1872. The Revolution was ran in New York City by a small staff of women who believed inShow MoreRelatedSusan B. Anthony And The Struggle For Women s Rights1369 Words   |  6 PagesSusan B. Anthony and The Struggle For Women’s Rights’ Susan B. Anthony was born to Read and Lucy Anthony in Adams, Massachusetts in the year of 1820. They were very big advocates of the abolitionist and temperance movement. The abolitionist movement was a movement that tried to abolish slavery in the United States and the temperance movement tired to reduce Americans’ usage of alcohol due to the violence associated with it. Read and Lucy Anthony held meeting in their home for members who supportedRead MoreSusan B. Anthony, A Leader Of The Women s Rights Movement1589 Words   |  7 Pagesabout how they gained their full rights including the right to vote, most would recognize Susan B. Anthony, a leader of the women’s rights movement that never gave up. Born and raised in an outspoken Quaker household, Anthony believed from a young age that all should be treated equally despite their gender. She took after her father, who had radical views on issues such as temperance and slavery. Susan B. Anthony, a leader for most of her life, fought endlessly in a battle against those of ignoranceRead MoreThe Life of Susan B. Anthony Essay578 Words   |  3 PagesSusan B. Anthony has gone through many rough times and had to go through many obstacles. She has had many ideas to try and get women equal rights. Susan, I believe, is an amazing person to accomplish what she did. This is the reason she should be in the History Hall of Fame. Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820 ( She studied at a Quaker school near Philadelphia and found work as a teacher ( The article â€Å"Susan B. Anthony† states that Susan was paid less than men. SusanRead MoreSusan B Anthony681 Words   |  3 PagesSusan B Anthony Some Facts Regarding the Suffrage Movement and Susan B Anthony’s Involvement Cindy Mutchler November 13, 2011 American Public University Tara Simpson HIST 102 Most people have heard of Susan B Anthony as her face is on some of our dollar coins. But some may not know the reasons behind her being on that coin, and the way that she got there. This and many other things in themselves make her fascinating and intriguing as well. Born on February 15 1820, Susan B. AnthonyRead MoreFeminism : The Advocacy Of Women s Rights On The Basis Of Equality1645 Words   |  7 Pageshusbands. Women’s thoughts and opinions did not hold the same value as that of a man. There were women that were just fine living like that although there were women like Susan B Anthony. She became a key player in the women’s suffrage movement. Anthony would go on to protest, participate in different causes, and give speeches. Fast forward to today where there has been drastic changes for women. Women are allowed to do things like vote and run for office. Many women credit Susan B Anthony for standingRead MoreSusan B. Anthony : An American Icon1462 Words   |  6 PagesSusan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony was a born a fighter she never stopped protesting the morally incorrect in her first years to her last she fought for equality. Susan B. Anthony is an American icon known for her work with the Women Suffrage Movement she influenced the American culture and brought all American women a better future. Her legacy sculpted feminism and helped the community pave the way to equality. Susan B. Anthony was born an activist her family being involved in the Anti-SlaveryRead MoreThe Willed Woman By Susan B. Anthony1404 Words   |  6 PagesQuetext About Widget FAQ Contact The Willed Woman Susan B. Anthony had a voice that wanted to be heard. The woman’s gifted voice inspired men and woman to fight for equality. Anthony fought for women’s right to vote and for women to have the courage to stand up for themselves. She achieved her capabilities through her father Daniel Anthony. Daniel Anthony raised his children to be strong in their convictions and to show their love for God by working for human betterment (Bilhartz, 2). While livingRead MoreThe Women s Suffrage Movement1553 Words   |  7 Pagestime, the only people who were allowed to vote in elections in the United States were male citizens. For over 100 years, women who were apart of the women’s suffrage movement fought for their right to vote, and faced many hardships and discrimination because of it. The American women’s suffrage movement was one of the most important political movements in history, and could not have been successful without the perseverance of many w omen over many years. As long as men have been infringing on the rightsRead MoreSusan B. Anthony and the Fight For Equality Essay1329 Words   |  6 PagesSusan was born in 1820 in New England, she was born into a Quaker family, which Cenegage learning states that her religious background and upbringing played a crucial role in her impact on womans suffrage, and her eventual discontent with christianity in America. The Quakers, who believe in equality and an â€Å"inner light† within everyone, instilled the idea into Susan that equality was essential, which could predict her future role in things such as the women’s rights movement, abolitionist movementRead MoreWomen Activists Essay example1126 Words   |  5 Pagesfought for women’s rights. Who were some American women right’s activists in American History that stood up for themselves and other women in throughout America? One women activist was Susan Brownell Anthony who was born February 15, 1820 in South Adams, Massachusetts (â€Å"Susan B. Anthony†). Susan B. Anthony was a great woman who was determined to change women’s rights. For example, there is a quote that states, â€Å"Susan B. Anthony dedicated her life to the cause, the woman Suffrage Movement† (qtd. in

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Black Like Me Sociological Terms - 1088 Words

Lindsey Brown Final May 9, 2012 Black Like Me Black Like Me is a non-fiction book written by John Howard Griffin about what a black, middle-aged man has to go through every day in the Deep South. To find out what it is like to be a Negro, Griffin changes his skin color to that of a black. During his experiences, Griffin keeps a journal and that is what this book is. Black Like Me is a journal of Griffins feelings, experiences, pains, and friends. The setting of Black Like Me is intensely important. The setting starts out on October 28, 1959 in Mansfield, Texas. The setting in Black Like Me is so important because if the setting is any other place than the Southern United States then the plot is†¦show more content†¦He then goes off his medication entirely, permanently returning his skin color to white. He returns home to his family and writes his article, which is published in March 1960. After the article appears, Griffin is called on to do interviews with prominent television shows and newsmagazines. The story of his amazing experience quickly spreads around the world, and he receives a flood of congratulatory mail. In Mansfield, however, the prevalent attitude is that of racism, and Griffin and his family becomes the subject of hateful reprisals. An effigy of Griffin, painted half white and half black, is burned on Main Street, a cross is burned in a Negro schoolyard, threats are made against Griffin, including one to castrate him. By August, things are so bad that he has decided to move his family to Mexico. The reason I chose this book was because the title jumped up at me and my curiosity was aroused. I wanted to find out more about it. I was also drawn to the fact that the book was based on a true story. True stories interest me a lot and I instantly knew that I wanted to read this book. I also noticed that the book was a best seller and sold thousands of copies. As I read this book I’m glad that I choose it because it broadened my perspective on racism and the lengths that an individual is willing to go to in order to personally experience or understand a situation. This book has clearlyShow MoreRelatedThe Sociological Imagination, By C. Write Mills1409 Words   |  6 PagesWhen C. Write Mills talks about the sociological imagination, he is saying that it is the capacity to understand that individual life is complexly intertwined with events and issues present in the world. Sociological imagination can range from subjects as simple and everyday as hygiene, to something more serious such as racism. In terms of hygiene, there has been a rise in amounts of desire for state of the art hand sanitizers in schools, resulting from the Swine Flu epidemic of 2009. Similarly,Read MoreMy Sociological Imagination Started Influencing Me A Lot1266 Words   |  6 PagesThe term â€Å"Sociological Imagination† can be defined in various contexts and in different ways depending on the situation and surroundings. According to most researchers, the definition of the term varies from case to case. Due to different scenarios and observations, most researchers have failed to apply a single definition of the term. However, after studying a number of cases, there is a general definition that we can associate to this term, i.e. the interaction of one’s mind and its experiencesRead MoreSociological Imagination By C.wright Mills1623 Words   |  7 Pagescontinually to examine it and interpret it. (Mills, 1959, p. 216) Sociological imagination by C.Wright Mills can be defined as addressing social problems by relating the individuals personal trouble with the way society is organized and structured† (Tepperman Albanese, 2014,p. 2). Sociological imagination is the ability to see things socially and how they interact and influence our daily lives and each other. To have a sociological imagination, we need to be able to pull ourselves away from the situationRead MoreI Am Applying Intersectionality And The Sociological Imagination1080 Words   |  5 Pagesintersectionality and the sociological imagination to my intersecting identities: class, gender, and ethnicity. By employing intersectionality and the sociological imagination, I am analyzing how my positionality affected my personal experiences while connecting those events with society. I also included five peer-reviewed articles as supporting evidence. Kimberlà © Williams Crenshaw is an African American scholar, civil rights advocate, and law professor who developed the term intersectionality (Merriam-WebsterRead MoreThe Sociological Perspective On Medical Conditions1687 Words   |  7 Pageslimited to using an individual’s body and pathogens to explain poor health. On a different note, the sociological perspective takes on a different approach to explain medical conditions. The sociological perspective focuses on the external influences, rather than then internal influences, such as the social environment, institutions, and relationships to assess and explain illness. The sociological perspective contains the following theories to support its assessment of illness and they are: stigmaRead MoreSociology in Everyday Life Essay911 Words   |  4 Pagessocial life. Everyday life and sociology are definitely two distinct terms and situations, but they hold a close relationship. While sociology studies human interaction, every day life consists of everyday human interaction. Everyday life is filled by human beings interacting with one another, institutions, ideas, and emotions. Sociology studies the interactions with all of these and shows how mere interaction resulted in things like ideas and institutions.    Everyday that you wake up andRead MoreIs The American Dream True?1690 Words   |  7 Pagesdidn’t have the chances I did because of the unfair role the society takes on class, race, and gender. Just from taking this class, Sociological Imagination, for a few weeks now has opened my mind up to a bunch of questions but mainly, why? Why society have to be the way it is? We are all humans and nothing is different other than race, gender, and social status. Sociological Imagination is the quality of mind, the way of thinking that sees the impact of social forces and social content on an individual’sRead MoreRace And Ethnicity Are Affected By Stratification938 Words   |  4 PagesMany people including me before I took this class thought they were the same thing. Racial groups are a group that is socially set apart because of obvious physical differences. An example of this is I come from Somalia but in the United States my race would be defined as black or African American. Ethnicity or ethnic groups are groups set apart from others because of its national origin or distinctive cultural patterns. An example of this is although my race is defined as black or African AmericanRead MoreThe Sociological Imagination Essay838 Words   |  4 PagesThe Sociological Imagination The human attitudes have always been a curiosity that captivated most of the great social theorists like Karl Marx, Engels and Durkheim. One of the most unhumble attitude of the humanity was Racism and stereotyping. The racial issue even in the 21st century continue to be a subject that still is present and significant even though we tend to say that racism and other forms of discrimination are prohibited by law and illegal still even in the US theRead MoreYour Blues Aint Like Mine Essay1450 Words   |  6 PagesIn Bebe Moore Campbell’s, You’re Blues Ain’t Like Mine, I was able to view the novel from the three main sociological perspectives: the structural-functionalist approach, the social-conflict approach, and the symbolic-interaction approach. From the structural-functionalist point of view, I analyzed the Honorable Men of Hopewell as the power elite. I viewed Mamie Cox’s understanding of social class from the social-conflict perspective, and Doreen and Lily Cox differences were easily seen through

Evidenced Based interventions in Mental health Free Essays

Introduction How decisions are made within the treatment of psychological problems requires considerable thought and consideration. The purpose of this analysis is to look at the advantages of evidence based practice and how this can operate from a practical point of view and whether indeed it works as the most efficient and optimal approach to determining suitable treatment for psychological problems. Workbook 1 – Evidenced Based Practice The concept of evidence-based practice has gathered considerable pace in the last few decades and creates an acceptance of the idea that all practical decisions relating to medical or psychological treatment should be based on research and existing studies in the area which have been selected. We will write a custom essay sample on Evidenced Based interventions in Mental health or any similar topic only for you Order Now This research should then be interpreted in a direct way and applied to the practical situation presented by using these observations as a theoretical basis (Chambless and Hollon, 1998). When looking at this from a psychological point of view, which is preferred in this instance, evidence-based practice requires those engaged with this type of work to follow techniques based on research evidence that has already been presented. Various different criteria and approaches have been used over the years for example Chambless and Hollon in 1998 noted that there are specific criteria which need to be complied with when looking to use any form of empirically supported therapy. According to these criteria, a therapy would be considered to be both effective and efficient if there is evidence available from two different settings that indicate that the proposed treatment has performed better than some other placebo style treatment. To support this the example of cognitive behaviour therapy, which has been proven to be effective across a variety of different patient types, including adults, children and adolescents. However as noted in the research by Chambles and Hollon; there have been instances whereby the criterion has not been applied rigorously or to the highest standard. This can then bring into question whether or not evidence-based practices are efficient, not because the evidence-based practice doesn’t work but because the criteria of admissibility have not been followed correctly. An arguably more rigorous approach was taken by Saunders et al (2004) that suggest the research report being relied on should be put into six different categories depending on the theoretical background, such as the acceptance of the principal and any evidence of potential harm that is associated with the approach being looked at. In order to receive a classification in this manner, there needs to be some form of descriptive publication including, if necessary a manual as to how the operational aspect of the intervention work. This is arguably a much more rigorous approach as it recognises the various different ways in which evidence based research can then be used in practical decision making (Thomas et al 2010). Finally it is worth noting that in reality the most likely approach is that suggested by Kauffman’s best practices which are used when looking at intervention experiences that have a similar other fact pattern available for analysis. This is then deemed appropriate evidence and the practitioner will then follow the process that is considered to be the best practice in this particular area at the current point in time. When looking at the practical reality of using this evidence-based research there is a strong argument to suggest that this is the best possible approach as it simply encourages those involved in the provision of medical services to look towards similar situations and to identify how the practitioners have dealt with these problems and learn lessons from any failure to improve the intervention that they themselves then offer. Quite simply, this is the process of learning lessons from other mistakes or indeed learning lessons from the successes of others. Workbook 2 When providing care for individuals with mental health difficulties, one of the key challenges can be to ascertain the level of intervention that is appropriate. There is a key distinction between treatment and facilitated learning when it comes to assisting individuals with mental health difficulties in achieving improvement in certain areas of their treatment. In order to understand the concept of intervention, it is arguably central to understand this distinction. Intervention refers to the point at which the individual practitioner chooses to directly engage and interact with the patient (Rogers, 2003). Arguably, both treatment and facilitated learning are on this spectrum, with treatment being a prescribed and deliberate action by the practitioner whereas facilitated learning is much more geared towards encouraging individuals to learn on their own account whilst being supported by the practitioner, particularly where there are substantial mental health issues which may require ongoing treatment to prevent an irrecoverable mistake from being made (Rogers, 2003). A typical example of intervention in this type of situation may be that of therapeutic interventions which starts with the process by which the mental health professional themselves and service user develop a relationship that will enable them to discuss the best way forward (Griffiths, 2007).. This in itself can be used for therapeutic intervention, which will then allow the two parties to determine the best possible course of action example it may be that cognitive behavioural therapy is perceived to be the best way for and where this is the case. The combination of the two people will look towards establishing goals and agendas for this therapy. Depending on the nature of the problem and the extent of the damage that has been suffered it may be that professional has to take either a greater or lesser role. The process of learning is crucially important for both the healthcare professional and the service user themselves in order to ensure that interventions are planned, implemented and regularly reviewed. Any form of treatment should be viewed as an ongoing cycle whereby the next stage is then planned before being implemented and there is a process of learning from the elements that work well and those which could be improved (Ryan, 2012). As noted in the earlier part of this discussion, intervention involves a two-way dialogue process between the healthcare professional and the service user and therefore there is a continuously movement between the two entities as the professionals look for the best way to achieve the desired result by observing the activities of the service user . The service user is also then learning about the aspects of their treatment, which are being particularly productive with a view to becoming more self-sufficient over a prolonged period of time. When looking at the concept of learning in this broader sense the entire the entire intervention process facilitated learning can develop with both parties. Learning from each other and creating an effective strategy which may involve a completely different form of intervention at some point or another. It is argued here, however, that continuous learning is the central fact or as to whether or not intervention is ultimately a success. Conclusions By looking at the analysis above it is concluded that evidence based treatment is likely to offer a much deeper understanding of the treatment options available and crucially the practical likelihood of the success of such treatments. Intervention presents a real challenge as picking the precise point and level of intervention and it is argued here that intervention which is patient led will be more likely to be successful in the long run and should form a central part for this type of treatment. References Chambless, D., Hollon, S. (1998). 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The Emergence of Evidence-based Practice, In McCarthy, J. and Rose P. Values-Based Health Social Care: Beyond Evidence-Based Practice. London: Sage. How to cite Evidenced Based interventions in Mental health, Essay examples

Design and Analysis of an Algorithm

Question: Discuss about design and analysis of an algorithm? Answer: Sorting algorithm Here selection of two sorting algorithm is- Bubble sort. Selection sort. Time complexity of bubble sort algorithm In the bubble sort algorithm time complexity of best case is O (n), in time complexity of average case is O (n2) and the time complexity of worst case is O (n2). Expression for the worst case time calculation of the algorithm bubble sort For the of size n array, into the scenario of worst case: The worst case calculation happens at the time of already sorted array but in the descending order. The meaning of this is the into the first level of iteration this would have to look at the elements of n, after then that would look the last element is n-1, this is the biggest integer at end. So, forth till occur one comparison. The last passage through the loops of inner is the comparison with n-1 and the swaps of swaps n-1. The (n-1)st through their passage the one inter loop swap ad one comparison Together all: c((n-1) + (n-2) + (n-3)+ +1), i this context c is for the required time to do required one swap, one of the comparison, inner loop checking for increment ad condition. Also to spend time constant k declaring j, and I initializing I ad temp. Execution of outer loop to the n-1 times that cost supposes of loop checking condition and to determined the i is c1 C ((n-1) + (n-2) + (n-3) + + 1) +k + c1 + (n-1) (n-1) + (n-2) + (n-3) + + 1= n (n-1) /2 Thats why the functions are equals to C n* (n-1) /2 + k + c1 (n-1) = 1/ 2c (n2 n) + c (n-1) + k So, the O (n2) is the complexity of worst case (Haution, 2015). Bubble sort algorithm Space complexity The space complexity is measured ultimately how much of the extra memory is required. The allocation of the extra number of array of n size, then the complexity for the space is O (n) (Janowitz, Yan Shyam-Sundar, 2014). Expression for the worst case space calculation of bubble sort Te algorithm is already O (n2) and O (n) space So, this is basically O (n) is the subset of O (n2) This is to note that the O (f (n)) is the function set tat to upper asymptotic bond of f (n) Then, for the each g (n) h (n) f (n), here is the (n) responsible for the upper asymptotic bound of g (n), then also the f (n) is asymptotic also upper bond of it. Thus the g(n) is in O( h ( n)) this is in also O (f (n)) In this case, the function complexity T (n) is also the O (n). Selection sort algorithms Time complexity The worst, best and average case, time complexity is O (n2) (Jin-young Lee, 2011). Expression for time calculation to the worst case algorithm of Selection sort This is not very hard to analyze the in compare to another of sorting algorithm since there no loops are data dependent in the array. The lowest element to select is required for n element scanning here n-1 comparisons and ten after swapping this in the place of first position. The findings of the next element lowest requiring of scanning the remaining element of n -1and so on, for the (n-1) + (n-2) + (n-3) + + 2 + 1 = n (n-1) / 2 O (n2) Comparisons (Ma, 2014). Expression for the space of worst case calculation of the algorithm Selection sort Into the selection sort algorithm complexity of the space is the O (1) (Negut, 2015). Reference List Haution, O. (2015). Detection by regular schemes in degree two.Alg. Geom.,2(1), 44-61. Janowitz, T., Lu, L., Yan, H., Shyam-Sundar, V. (2014). Cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of cancer vaccination trials registered on the US Clinical Trials Database demonstrates paucity of immunological trial endpoints and decline in registration since 2008.Drug Design, Development And Therapy, 1539. Jin-young Lee,. (2011). Analysis of Graphic Characteristics applied to Contemporary Restaurants - Focused on the Completed Works since 2005 -.Journal Of Digital Design,11(1), 311-324. Ma, S. (2014). Rationality of some tetragonal loci.Alg. Geom.,1(3), 271-289. Negut, A. (2015). Moduli of flags of sheaves and their K-theory.Alg. Geom.,2(1), 19-43.